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Screening project to curb diseases

The Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) has launched a pilot screening project to curb the high prevalence of several lifestyle and other diseases in the country.

Known as ‘Smart’ the preventive medicine and screening service aims at preventing and managing risks of chronic health conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, cancer and other common diseases through screening and early detection, says Dr Samya Al Abdulla, Executive Director for Operations at the PHCC.

During the three-month pilot project all Qataris above the age of 18 and registered at the Leabaib and Rawdat Al Khaial health centers will be invited for screening. It is planned to be expanded to all health centers in a later phase.

The ‘Smart’ service employs accountable care practices to improve the health and wellbeing of people through the delivery of high-quality, efficient care for those who suffer from, or are at risk of, developing hypertension, diabetes, cancer and other diseases.

Using a combination of data analytics and a risk-based screening, the program identifies those with known risk factors and invites these high-risk patients to the clinic for voluntary screening, said Dr Samya.  During an initial 20 minutes appointment the person’s and the family’s medical history will be analyzed. If the person is found to be at the risk of developing lifestyle and other common diseases, then will be directed for screening.

A comprehensive health check will be done during the screening, and those who need will be referred for further care and treatment.

‘Smart’ has been launched upon the success of an initial project implemented for three months at the Al Wakrah Health Centre aimed to combat the prevalence of diabetes. It was implemented as a local impact of World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH).

Smart service to be expanded

“Smart service complies with PHCC’s pledge to take forward the national vision for healthcare development in Qatar by providing excellence in health care services to its citizens. Smart will support the national public health strategy, which incorporates disease prevention, early detection and promotion of healthy behaviours. We are happy to launch the Smart service’s pilot operation at health centers in Leabaib and Rawdat Al Khaial. A comprehensive health check will play a vital role in encouraging citizens to adopt a healthy lifestyle. It will also help for early detection and preventing diseases,” said Dr Samya.

The ‘Smart’ service is planned to be expanded to all health centers and reach all Qataris and expatriates eventually. “At present, the service will only be available to Qataris aged 18 and above and registered at either Leabaib or Rawdat Al Khail health centers. In the longer term, PHCC plans to open the service up to all registered at across health centers in Qatar,” she added.


source : The Peninsula Qatar


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